How we feel is how we see

Black and white and shades of gray…is a thoughtful, even mysterious palette, whereas full spectrum color is often perceived as candid, even happy. Granted, those are not hard and fast rules, but typically those sentiments apply. We document our physical and emotionally highs and lows subconsciously. A good example of this is an exercise using black and white film. Yes, I really did say film.
Years ago I was part of a workshop using alternate photographic processes limited to B&W films. The assignment was to depict a soft, colorful, autumn morning using medium and large format equipment. It was like handing me a car without the keys. Every image I encountered, I over thought. I couldn’t get past the color. I was feeling color. I couldn’t force a black and white image until I was ready to feel and properly translate it (the writer’s block equivalent). And no, there weren’t any useful images from that shoot! I think we instinctively know what color or shade of gray we feel. There is a time and place for both. And as an artist, I try to act accordingly.
I intend to write about these challenges and how they apply to the work presented here.


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