Tis The Season of Visuals…good or bad?



A slightly off topic…slightly scroogey me…

As I pry open this touchy can of worms, I can’t help but apologize in advance for doing so.  Marketing madness, expectations and visual overindulgence can induce a Merry Migraine.  My blog post How we feel is how see addresses a fraction of this concept.  My goal today is merely recognize the evocation of seasonal visuals (pagan or otherwise) and how they contribute to migraine.

Retail institutions are notorious for BUY ME NOW visuals.  The month of December merits a 10 on my migraine meter.

Festive snow PLUS low setting sun (winter solstice) PLUS glare ‘bounce back’ from the car ahead EQUALS 10.

As long as we’re in the car…uh, no thanks, I’ll pass on the Holiday Light tour. This road trip warrants a strong 8 (but if sequestered to the back seat between bodies, it’s ER time).

Speaking of lights…LED’s are hell on the head.  I KNOW, I KNOW…the carbon footprint, sorry, these babies weigh in at a big 9.


The final visual will no doubt ruffle some feathers. It’s the seasonal Norman Rockwell illustration of familial togetherness.  This impossible to obtain image can often evoke feelings of sadness or depression.  I’m giving it a sturdy 10. For some of us, visualizing togetherness is visualizing an underscored aloneness.  Yes, we volunteer, participate, give, honor, and reflect, however sometimes it’s difficult to witness the spirit of unity. This observation, this visual, is just too painful, and if not careful, ______ (insert your own number here).


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