Control Cut Conceal

Control Panel 1.2.


Dissecting the extreme controversial measures for temporary pain relief will probably net negative feedback, but to explain an epidemic is to understand it.

“Control”, the mixed media diptych featured here today represents the continued flow of migraine pain and the peripheral tools (razor blades) frantically controlling it.  It’s important to recognize this is NOT a suicide piece, far from it.

 “Life: We are basically in control until we’re not.” –Lamby

The above quote is the catalyst for drastic measures. I’m not talking about a broken zipper or replacing a conked out toaster.  I’m addressing much larger issues…death of a loved one, cancer, chronic pain, depression, discrimination, a layoff or joblessness, physical and/or emotional abuse.  There are countless dire circumstances where one has little or no control.

What I find fascinating are the extraordinary actions we implore to take back control, and empower ourselves and how society judges and perceives ones chosen action.  There are divided categories as to what is acceptable and what is not.  Let me toss out a few.  Each word will conjure a prejudged opinion:

Therapy, prayer, antidepressants, writing, narcotics, hitting the gym, drinking, creating, smoking, running, sex, eastern medicine, eating, starvation, self mutilation. You will have already determined what (in your mind) is naughty or nice. These are my opinions only, my blog…my personal experience, witnessed and lived. While every uncontrollable circumstance is different, so is ones remedy.

The painting, “Control”: self inflicted pain to feel something other than the pain one was feeling, and having the control to do so. While logically not condoned, physically and emotionally, a sense of empowerment prevailed.

“Life: We are basically in control until we’re not.” -Lamby 


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